Step 1 - Philadelphia Rental License Information
The Landlord Cooperation Program requires that you hold a valid Philadelphia Rental License issued by the Department of License and Inspections.  You will need your rental license for at least one property to complete the initial enrollment.  Enter information exactly as it is set forth on your rental license.
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* Fields marked with an asterisk are required.  Please enter information exactly as it appears on your license.
* License #:   
* Owner Name:  
e.g. John Smith Or Martin Hastings LP
If you are experiencing difficulties with the registration process, please contact us

All property information is provided to PGW by the Philadelphia Department of License and Inspections (L&I).  If you have problems identifying your rental license, you should contact L&I. (To obtain a Rental License please contact L&I, phone 215-686-2490 or email
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